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With our software you can automate  your retail store, bakery, restaurant, Salon and Pharmacy.

FBR Integration

Our Retayl software is already integrated with FBR real time invoicing for Tier 1 Retailers. This is optional feature and will be available to those who are ready to integrate.











Why Us?

We know what you need.

Retayl software, not only conforms to your requirements but also performs the tasks that are necessary to run an establishment such as inventory calculations, daily sales profit and most selling items and also a summarized report can be generated to help the stakeholders make important business decisions, all this and more. What do you get besides this?





Retayl POS is light and easy to install even though it has lots to offer. The User Integration is developed keeping in mind the facilitation of the end user. it is developed so that the user, operating does not have any difficulty learning to operate it.


Rport are the backbone for the stakeholders so that they can take better decisions. We have provided means to generate several kinds of reports, The reports can be generated by just one clicks.


The workflow of your system is necessary to understand in order to better perform your commands, this is exactly what our software it complete integrates itself with your store and it helps you automate, thusly. 


In the event that our software fails to perform the task that are promised then we will return your money

Quick Software Salient Features

Top notch quality

Our software is developed with high-quality software developing techniques so that it performs tasks not only accurately and fast but at high standards

User friendly designs

Our software is made with ease of access in mind for the end user of your store.

Mericulously crafted

Our software is so crafted that it takes in to account the time constraint in performing the tasks.


Incredibly Smart

We understand the needs of your store completely and so we have developed the features keeping them in mind

Professional Code

Our software is written with your facilitation in mind so that we can cater to your needs and if you need to custimize, it isn’t a problem.

Creative Ideas

Our developers have developed this software using creating minds.

We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences


Our Modules:

Point of sale

Retayl allows you to enter the name of the product or scan the bar code. Once the product has been selected, you can increase or decrease the quantity.

  • Scan the bar codes
  • Multiple Payment types
  • Print Reciept/Tokens

Our software lets you manage Inventory, Products, Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Employees, Taxes and Accounts. You can cetainly Manage Warehouse/Godowns, Shelves/Raking, track sales, generate interactive reports anything you want from here.

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchases
  • Warehouse 

Let Retayl take your burden of managing all the accounting hurdles for your store business. May it be Purchase DayBook, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Taxes, Supplier Ledger, General DayBook, Creditors List, Our carefully crafted software manages it all.

  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Purchase Daybook

Our software lets you implement all their is to manage matters pertaining to the Sales.

  • Inventory Item Managements
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inventory Reports
Cost Centers

It includes 

  • Dimension Entry
  • Dimension Enquiry
  • Dimension Reports

We provide all the means to register every bit of information about your businesses accounting data, that includes

  • Payments
  • Deposits
  • Bank Account Transfer

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